In a land of magic, a wizard escaped from his confinement and embarks on a new adventure.
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The arc of my software engineering career and income
A box involving encrypted archives, source code analysis and more.
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My experience and takeaways from 6 months of study and my first exam attempt
Walkthrough of the hardware and software that make up my home lab
I make a home, in my home, for working from home.
CTF binary exploitation called detour
Another Android CTF, but without too much Android
What happens when some broke CompSci students make a password manager?
We only captured 1 of 3 flags previously, what about the rest?
A beginner level LFI challenge
This is a beginner box based on simple enumeration of services and basic privilege escalation techniques. Based Jake
A Rick and Morty CTF. Help turn Rick back into a human!
You found a secret server located under the deep sea. Your task is to hack inside the server and reveal the truth.
You talked a big game about being the most elite hacker in the solar system. Prove it and claim your right to the status of Elite Bounty Hacker!
Beginner level ctf
Based on the Mr. Robot show, can you root this box?
Tools of the trade for working at home in 2020 as a software engineer
Another Android CTF - Including Live Stream solution on Twitch!
Don't get too attached 📎
DNS snooping is a hot topic in information security
I took the test (twice) and passed...
The first "native" program hack I attempt in a Hacker1 CTF
Spelunking around in GraphiQL
Mutations FTW!
Learning Kali Linux and taking the Kali Linux Certified Professional Exam
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Some of a random collection of little hacks and improvements I like
Another CTF challenge, this time involving an Android app
All flags on v2 of Hacker1's example CMS
Your secrets are safe with us
I finally put the crappy code I've written for this blog on Github
Android Studio is an incredible product but...
Who would dare write their own blog software? Oh wait...
4 flags on v1 of Hacker1's example CMS
I fumble around with CSS
A mediocre metaphor of a common problem in software development
Yet another CTF site, starting off with hacking the invite code
Having fun capturing flags from HackerOne's "Hacker101 CTF"
I return to the CTF and almost manage to hack Chernobyl
I'm admittedly a web development and security newb, but I learned a bit about CSRF
Naming is more than a matter of semantics, it's a matter of style
I've decided to part ways with AngularJS
A QR code caught my eye in an early episode of Mr. Robot, Season 2
I made bread utilizing some of the spent grain from homebrewing
I make a spreadsheet for homebrewing and contemplate splitting up brew day into two parts
I've been struggling to figure out how to best the Lagos level in CTF
    Working my way through Kotlin tutorials, generics and extension functions
    My experience setting up a cert from
    I had switched over to https by getting a certificate, but there was still one more piece of the puzzle
    How I solved the Bangalore level in Microcorruption CTF
    I wanted to perform an action for each branch I have in Git
    I made some updates to my blog to enable embedding Tweets and other widgets in the article contents.
    I tried to manually implement a simple function but I should have just used existing ones.
    Everyone knows that there is a lot of bullshit traffic on the internet.
    A quick blurb about editing with multiple cursors
    Sometimes you'd rather look at a slug than a long hex string!
    There are three thing that can greatly accelerate learning a new programming language
    Don't use your production database for development! Or at least make a backup...
    I had some troubles when I switched over to nginx
    I was going to integrate AWS storage and transcoding...
    As you may have noticed, the client side of my blog is AngularJS
    Adding Markdown and Code Highlighting features to my blog
    I decided to re-implement my blog using Clojure
    I've made some more posts